Spring BOGO Book Fair - *April 14-16, 2015*

Dear Sacajawea Community,

Scholastic is delivering hundreds of quality books for every interest & reading level to Sacajawea Elementary with a special buy 1 item & get a 2nd item of equal or lesser value free! Get a jump-start on your summer reading library!  Teachers will also have a wish list of books to pick from in the Media Center that they would like to add to their classroom library.

In lieu of Scholastic Dollars earnings (like at the Fall Book Fair), in a Buy One Get One (BOGO) Free Book Fair all profit earnings are passed on to the purchaser in the form of buying one book and receiving one free book of equal or lesser value.  Although, any bonuses earned go towards improving our school library, expanding classroom libraries, and more – just ask our wonderful librarian Kathy Cramer!



Heads Up Flyer

Spring 2015 Book Fair Heads Up Flyer.pdf Spring 2015 Book Fair Heads Up Flyer.pdf
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Informational/Volunteer Flyer

NOTE:  This event is made possible by our volunteers.  We need at least two volunteers per shift w/PTA members running the cash machines per insurance requirements.  Please consider giving an hour or two of  your time - every bit helps.  RETURN or EMAIL sacpta@yahoo.com the volunteer portion in the flyer attached above to the school by Thursday, April 11th.  We need you!  Thank you!!!

Spring 2015 Book Fair Volunteer Flyer.pdf Spring 2015 Book Fair Volunteer Flyer.pdf
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 You and your children will be able to shop the following times:

TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY  11:15am – 1pm and 3pm – 4pm

THURSDAY   11:15am – 1pm and 6pm - 7:30pm

Please join us for a special family event – FAMILY READING NIGHT:

THURSDAY, April 16th   6pm – 7:30pm

Complimentary treat and water, while you shop and read with your kids!

Pajamas and stuffed animals are welcome. 

 Reminder: 8.4% TAX ON ALL PURCHASES!  Credit cards will be accepted and checks made payable to Sacajawea PTA.

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