Provided by your PTA in collaboration with school/district calendar.  Dates may change, so watch for informational flyers/newsletters during the school year.  Send corrections to

2015 - 2016:  

2014 - 2015:  

2013 - 2014:  


List of PTA Board, Executive Committee, Chair Positions/Standing Committees, and General Positions/Committees.

NOTE:  Many Committee Chair positions need Committee Members to be successful.  So, if a Chair postion is filled, volunteer to be a Committee Member or Co-Chair.  The more people trained, the less work and more fun and successful each committee will be!  If we could get a few dozen parents each doing ONE position/committee GREAT we could increase organization and have more fun!!!

2014-2015 SAC PTA DIRECTORY - APRIL 2015.pdf 2014-2015 SAC PTA DIRECTORY - APRIL 2015.pdf
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