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MEMBERSHIP FORM              

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Anyone can join!  Share the Membership Form with family, friends, community members!  It's only $11 for Individual or $20 for a couple.  Plus, it's tax-deductible!  No time to volunteer?  Then just show your support by becoming a member!  

Send your Membership Form with payment to your student's teacher, drop off your Membership Form with payment at the school, mail us your Membership Form with payment, or use the PayPal button below ($1 non-tax deductible convenience fee applies)  (YOU MUST INCLUDE your name, address, phone, email and student/teacher if have one)!  Thank you!!! 

Membership Options
Name(s), Address, Phone #
Email, Child(ren)/Teacher(s)


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VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP - Are you responsible, respectful, and committed to helping PTA communicate and collaborate with the school? Then we need you on our team!  Many PTA chairs hold multiple positions over the years, so it would be wonderful to see more new friendly faces to ease transitions from year to year...  Let's have some fun!

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Learn more about volunteering from Washington State PTA and PTO

Never doubt that small group...

"Never doubt that small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever truly has."

-Margaret Mead (1901-1978); cultural anthropologist


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