Skyhawk Spirit Song

Skyhawks Unite! Skyhawks Unite! Skyhawks Unite!

We are the Skyhawks of Sacajawea,

You know us, the orange and the blue,

We go for personal best,

We outshine the rest,

We are the Skyhawks,

The proud and true.

Go Skyhawks! Go Skyhawks! Go Skyhawks!


 WINTER 2015 Order Form DUE February 11, 2015:

2015 Spirit Wear Flyer (Jan).pdf 2015 Spirit Wear Flyer (Jan).pdf
Size : 5279.671 Kb
Type : pdf

 Sizing Chart and Spirit Wear Chair Contact Info:

2014 Spirit Wear Flyer Back (Fall).pdf 2014 Spirit Wear Flyer Back (Fall).pdf
Size : 112.976 Kb
Type : pdf

Link to Fifty Fifty Print Spirit Wear website for the Sacajawea Community to order APPAREL and ACCESSORIES throughout the school year (EXCEPT DURING SEPTEMBER and JANUARY Spirit Wear Sales).  ONLINE ORDERING will start back up SEPTEMBER 2014:!shop/c24u7!sacajawea-apparel-or-accessories/c1m9a

Sacajawea School Song

Beat the drum and cheer for our school

Where we learn by the Golden Rule.

Brave and proud we stand together

Symbol of the Indian Feather.





We will be the leaders tomorow

Giving honor to the broken arrow

Build our lives with purpose and love

Living free as the pure white dove.




Written by Mrs. Dee Gramley

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